Professional WordPress Web Development course with Elementor

Master WordPress + Elementor and start building amazing, complex and cool websites for your clients or own Business.

Instructor: Rakesh Kumar TLanguage: English

About the course

Do you want to become a Professional Web Developer and get started as a Freelancer? or get into a Full-Time Web Developer job role? or start with your own Business and be your own Boss? Then you need to acquire a skill so that you can Develop different types of websites from scratch on your own, be it for yourself or other businesses out there. So, by the end of this course you will be able to design and develop different types of Professional looking websites - like Business websites, E-commerce websites, Blogging websites, and many more truly on your own and start charging premium from the clients for your web development services. And this is possible to achieve easily, especially by the use of a Platform called Wordpress. With wordpress, you can design and develop amazing websites without even writing a single line of code.

Let's see what you will be learning by the end of this course:

You will learn everything from basics starting with the Fundamentals of Wordpress, Fundamentals of Woocommerce, and Cpanel web hosting server administration that will make your basics strong and confident to proceed further with web development.

You will learn about the FREE version of elementor, from installing elementor to using amazing basic and general widgets of elementor that will facilitate you in developing websites efficiently.

You will also learn about the PRO version of elementor through which you will be able to flexibly use dozens of pro widgets that will add major functionalities to your websites.

You will learn to design and develop a Blogging System.

You will learn about elementor pop-ups and their Conditions, Triggers, and Advance rules.

You will learn Woocommerce development with Elementor Pro

At last, you will be Developing 5 Real-World projects from scratch that will ensure that you have gained the maximum knowledge and skills.

Coming to the Freebies, Everyone likes freebies. while learning WordPress or building 5 Projects you will need some premium plugins along the way, but you need not worry as once you enroll we offer those plugins to you for free ( for educational purposes )

Free Elementor pro

Free Jet plugins &

To go live you get free 30 Days of hosting

As technology keeps changing, we need to update too. I will be updating course chapters and Projects all the time to make them relevant for the present and future. So you take it once and get updates for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?

Let's dive in and get started with building some cool wordpress projects which you can be proud of and at the same time excel in your WordPress-related career.

No matter if you are a Freelancer, Digital Marketer, or Web Developer this course is for you. You will have proof of skill and confidence to take on projects independently.

Enroll now! I will see you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn WordPress Web Development
  • Beginners who want a great kick start in Web Development with No prior coding skill
  • Freelancers to hone their skills and levelup their expertise in WordPress Web Development
  • Any Professional who wants to change their career by getting into Web Development
  • Digital Marketers who wants to learn Website development and charge premium price their clients


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